A 12 Month Wedding Plan

In this article, I want to give you a 12 month wedding plan that you can use to plan your wedding and keep things on track in preparation for your big day. This 12 month wedding plan is something that you can use as a template for planning your own wedding, and should give you ideas that you can use to plan for your big day. Let’s take a look at this 12 month wedding plan.

– 6-12 months before the wedding

At this point you will want to decide what items need to be bought and you will have to plan out your expenses. Coordinate with the groom-to-be on how monetary items will be shared. You may want to get a filing system so that you can keep track of all documents such as contracts, licenses, and other paperwork.

You will also have to decide on what kind of wedding that you want. Do you want a traditional styled wedding or do you want something more modern? The DJ or band that you hire should reflect this choice also. Try asking around for a good DJ or band so that you can hire the right kind of people for the job.

– 4 months before the wedding

At this point, you will want to check for the details and requirements of the marriage license. You should also decide on floral themes with your local florist. Now is the time to order invitations and other wedding itinerary. Decide on what the groom-to-be will wear and pick out a bakery for the cake.

– 2 months before the wedding

At this point it’s time to mail out the invitations. It’s getting down to crunch time here so it’s really time to get the ball moving on things. Plan for your rehearsal dinner and plan for a hair stylist and makeup artist.

– 1 month before the wedding

Get fitted for your wedding dress one last time to make sure that everything fits. Make honeymoon reservations also. If you have guests who are coming from out of town, plan for their travel and room accommodations. Also, plan for your wedding ceremony rehearsal and let everyone know what they will be doing on your special day.

– Your wedding day

Be sure to bring the rings and the marriage license to the wedding ceremony. Don’t forget these two important things. Also, be sure to allow for a lot of time for your hair and makeup appointments, and allow for 2 hours for dressing.

This 12 month wedding plan will help you to have the wedding that you desire. You can modify this plan as you see fit and anything that you think you can modify go right ahead and do it. This sample plan should be used as a guide to help you in the wedding planning process. Anyplace you see that you can improve upon this plan, go right ahead and do it. It’s your special day and you deserve to have it go the way that you want it to.

Good luck with formulating a 12 month wedding plan for your own wedding also.