A Checklist For Your Wedding Planning

It is never an easy task to plan a wedding, may it be in a haste or given enough time to prepare. There are things that are still left undone and unattended to for a bride-to-be that is can be important for her wedding. This is why in planning a wedding, it is always helpful to prepare a checklist to help monitor the planning progress and to prevent forgetting anything.

A whole year is probably a suitable time period to being the wedding planning and preparation. If you have twelve more months for the wedding date you prefer, the checklist you need to prepare must include your personal vision for your own wedding, such as the style and theme, budget for the wedding and the delegation of tasks between you and your partner or any other person who may help you in the wedding preparation. During this time, you may begin looking around for possible ceremony sites, reception venues, service providers.

When it’s eleven months prior to the wedding, you may have began the interview and meeting with the service providers such as vendors, celebrant, photographers, florist and performers for your ceremony. If you think that these service providers are perfect for your preferred wedding because they suits your wedding date and your budget, then make sure you book them in and don’t forget to ask the essentials.

When it’s ten months before the wedding day, you may already have an initial and temporary guest list and start to browse for wedding gown styles, colors, designs and cost. If you wish to have an engagement party, then this is the time for it. During the 9th remaining month, you may shop for the wedding gown you wish to wear for your big day. If you have not hired a caterer, photographer, DJ or florist yet, then you still have ample time to do this on this period.

For the six more months, finalize your wedding gown requirements along with the gowns or dresses that your bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearer will wear. This is the time to shop for your wedding bands, meet with the celebrant or officiant, plan for wedding rehearsal. At four months remaining, you may hire a baker for your wedding cake, ceremony performers and order your invitations. It would also be good to decide for wedding favors at his time, to settle the attire of the groom, to have set and plan for the honeymoon.

At three more months to go, check on the rehearsal dinner plan, reserve for your honeymoon travel, ensure that all attendants all have their needed get-ups. The bride should also have brought by this time her own accessories like shoes, hosiery and jewelry. Finalize the guest list and draft your wedding vows.

While during ten weeks prior to the wedding period, it is an ideal to check on your wedding gown, to stamp invitations and to purchase all other essentials like guest book, candle, garter and ring pillow. Eight weeks is for dress fitting and mailing wedding invites. Six weeks is for pre-wedding parties. Four weeks is for picking up the wedding bands. Two weeks is for final dress fitting and minding your hair for the big day. The last one week of remaining days is for polishing all that has been planned and now you may excitedly anticipate your big wedding day.