Wedding Planning: 5 Tips To Planning The Perfect Wedding

Wedding planning can be the best or worst part of getting married. For some, the stress will be overwhelming as the desire to create perfection on their special day grows ever stronger. For others, immersing themselves in what is one of the most important days of their lives, will be a truly exciting and glorious experience. Truthfully, which would you prefer?

To make your wedding planning experience one to remember with a smile, consider these wedding planning tips:

1. Make a Checklist

Before you do anything, go online and find a wedding planning checklist to ensure you don’t leave anything out. This allows you to set the budget you want for each item on the checklist and eliminate the stress of either going over budget or forgetting something important.

2. Perfection is in the Eye of the Beholder

Striving for perfection is admirable. Obsessing with it will leave you stressed and anxious. So aim for a happy medium. Set the bar on the things you consider to be really important and accept that there may be instances where you just have to relax a little with what you want.

3. Have a Happy Wedding

Happiness is contagious…so get in a happy, positive frame of mind and watch how it does wonders for the people around you. It’s amazing how much more energetic, helpful, and resourceful people are dealing with a happy, bubbling bride-to-be, than those dealing with a grumpy, impatient, and frustrated one!

4. Choose and Move On

Once you have decided on something, move on. Countless hours have been wasted by brides-to-be changing their minds, not sure whether their first choice was the right choice. Statistics have shown that the first decision people make is usually the best one (and the one they eventually go with), so once you have made up your mind whether it’s the colour of your bridesmaids’ dresses or the type of paper you print your invitations on, stick with it!

5. He Really Does Care

On a scale of one to ten, wedding planning for guys is about a 1 if not a 0. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s just that they know how much it means to you and want you to be happy. They don’t mind what colour the serviettes are, what type of cake is served, or even where the wedding is held. So instead of chastising them for not partaking in all the decision-making, celebrate the fact that they are letting you do exactly what you want on your special day! After all, you only really want them to choose the same as what you have chosen anyway!

Naturally, the easy option is to get a professional wedding planner to plan your wedding for you, who can take on stress but who WILL ensure that everything is perfect, leaving you to simply decide on the details without worrying about the what, where, and how of getting from decision to reality.

Regardless of what happens during the planning stages of your wedding, whether you plan your wedding or a professional wedding planner helps you, on your wedding day itself, you will be a radiant beauty and it will be a beautiful day. On that day, try to just enjoy the celebration which will ultimately be one of the most memorable in your life.

Budget Wedding – Planning Tips

Just because you are planning your wedding, literally on a shoestring budget, doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be beautiful, memorable and talked about. Planning a wedding on a low budget basically means cutting out all the vulgar pomp and grandeur and extraneous ostentation which some cheap people indulge in during their weddings to show off in front of people.

The problem is that most brides dream about a fairytale wedding right from their childhood, but when the wedding bells start ringing and they realize that such grand fairytale weddings come with an expensive price tag; they get extremely demoralized and despondent.

Well, there is no need to fret so much just because you are going in for a budget wedding party planning. In this article, you will receive a few solid tips on budget wedding planning reception that won’t eliminate beauty and elegance from your wedding!

Budget Wedding Planning tip # 1

It is in most cases the wedding venue which costs a bomb and burns away your pocket. Instead of choosing a 5 star or 7 star wedding in the Bahamas or Hawaii or Tahiti or some other exotic location, why don’t you get married in your local parish church or in the beach closest to your house or in your own beautifully landscaped garden, if you have one?

If you don’t have a garden of your own, convince your grandparents or your uncle and aunt and coax them into letting you use their garden as your wedding venue! This will reduce a heavy expenditure.

Budget Wedding Planning tip # 2

One of the most important aspects of a budget wedding party planning is to get the photographs clicked by your friends and relatives who are good with the camera instead of hiring a photographer who will charge you a bomb. Come on, we all possess sophisticated cameras and have decent camera skills. There is simply no need for a photographer and videographer in current times.

Budget Wedding planning tip # 3

Instead of lavishing money on a stupendously big fat show offy wedding cake, go for a small decent sized, beautifully decorated wedding cake that will serve as the display centerpiece. Serve the guests with homemade sheet cake from the kitchen. These two cakes will also double up as your dessert and you can cut out sweets and ice-cream from your menu.

Budget Wedding Planning tip # 4

The last tip is to hire or borrow or make yourself as many things as you possibly can! Come on, it is possible to borrow the bride’s shoes, jewelry and wedding gown from the bride’s mother or maternal aunts or from granny. You can add a contemporary twist to these items yourself!

Then you can borrow toasting glasses, serving set, cake knife, cutlery, serving dishes, dinnerware etc from friends and relatives. This way you won’t have to remortgage your house or your parents and their house to conduct your wedding.

A Guide to Wedding Planning Lingo

How many times do you see the terms “Theme” and “Concept” used when describing a wedding, aren’t they the same thing? And what is the difference really between a “Wedding Design” and a “Wedding Planning”? Wonder no longer! Read on to find answers to those questions and more, in this weeks wedding terminology guide!

First let’s look at Theme and Concept. The two do cover the same information, the style of your wedding, and the feeling imparted by the decor. They are two different animals though, as we will see.

Theme: The use of decorating themes has become a very popular trend for weddings in recent years. A theme can be as simple as “Beach Wedding” or as elaborate as a re-creation of a fairytale, Cinderella at the ball anyone? A theme can be based on style (beach) or color (aqua and beige) or both: A beach themed wedding in aqua and beige. Themes can be good or bad, remember folks, taste and design sensibility play a role! The pictures from your wedding will be a family keepsake for generations to come, ask yourself how this theme might look 20 years from now!

Color Schemes: Generally when referring to the colors used for a wedding we call it a “color palette” or “color scheme” One common mistake with color schemes is that everything has to match. As in, the bridesmaids dresses must be the exact same shade as the ribbons on your favors. Not so. “Matching” is not necessary, choose two to three colors you love and vary the shades throughout your decor. The effect will be much more sophisticated than the exact same color repeated again and again.

Added bonus: Not being quite so color-matching obsessed will come in handy when items inevitably come in just a shade off from what you were expecting!

Concept: A wedding concept is like a map to planning a wedding. It includes colors, textures, and shapes, everything that contributes to the design of your wedding. A wedding concept is often presented as a concept board. Most wedding concepts you see on-line are a composition of pictures depicting everything from the flowers to the favors. A true concept board will incorporate images and touchable items like fabrics. This board is a wonderful tool to show everyone involved in your wedding just what you want!

Wedding Design: Similar to interior design, a wedding that is nicely designed is like a well appointed room, all the furnishings and colors work together. A wedding designer will work with you to create a unified concept for your wedding. Each detail of your wedding will resonate with that concept. Your wedding designer will also recruit a team of like minded vendors. Your baker, florist, and caterer should also be design-minded to achieve a cohesive wedding look.

Wedding Planning: Wedding planning is pretty self explanatory. It encompasses all the tasks great and small required to plan a ceremony and reception. Wedding planners have become almost a necessity to the busy Bride. If you and your Fiance both work full time you should consider hiring a planner to help. The average Bride spends around 250 hours planning her wedding, do you have the time? Planners vary greatly in the areas of; skill, services offered, and price. Many planners focus mainly on the fundamental ingredients of wedding planning, venue, vendors, and scheduling. Some mostly cater to Brides who only need “day of wedding planning”, they oversee the wedding that the Bride planned herself. Still others are multifaceted, involved in both the basic logistics and the design process.

Tip: Do your research when looking for a wedding planner or designer. Ask yourself these questions before meeting with a planner: Do you want lots of help or just a little? Do you know just how you want it to look, or do you need help finding your wedding style? Be sure to see pictures of weddings she has planned. Above all make sure that you really like your planner, you will be spending a lot of time together!

I hope these definitions help you navigate the wedding planning maze with greater confidence!

Happy planning,

Why is Wedding Planning So Stressful?

There are two major causes of wedding planning stress.

One. A wedding is an emotional event, as it should be. You are moving into a brand new phase of your life, so don’t underestimate the affect planning your wedding will have on you.

Two. Wedding planning is a series of business deals. This fact is often forgotten in the joy of anticipating the wedding day.

Emotion and the art of making business deals is a tough mix! Your emotional self and rational business-minded self are not always going to see eye to eye as you plan your own wedding – often emotion wins out.

Wedding marketers count on this fact and are very savvy at appealing to your emotions to get you to open up your wallet.

At some point the conflict between your emotional desires and your rational mind will cause you wedding planning stress. The answer is to strike a balance – if only your rational mind is getting its way, and emotion is shut out, you won’t be happy.

One solution is to give your emotional side an offering now and then as you make your wedding plans.

Have you heard that little voice inside you yet, the one that says, “…But I want it!” in spite of the fact you can’t afford it? If not, it’s likely that you will at some point in the wedding planning process.

Never just say “No” to that voice and then go off and sulk – offer it a deal.

For example, you fall in love with a big jazz band, but the cost is way outside your wedding budget.

Before declaring the band too expensive and drowning your disappointment in a bowl of triple fudge ice cream, or spending the next 5 years wishing you’d saved up for the jazz band, figure out what you might be willing to cut back on or eliminate from your wedding budget to afford the band.

Are you willing to serve chicken at your wedding reception instead of crab cakes? Cut the open bar and serve just beer and wine? Nix the floral centerpieces?

Now you may decide that you’re not willing to make the necessary sacrifices for that jazz band so you go with the DJ anyway.

That’s okay; in fact it’s so much better than just outright denying yourself the band.

By going through the steps to see what you’ll have to lose in order to afford the band, you’ve either discovered that you actually can afford it, or that you’re not willing to cut other items from your wedding budget.

Either way, you have peace of mind, and that’s very important. This exercise is key for keeping your wedding planning regrets to a minimum.

Don’t underestimate the learning curve!

Your wedding will likely be the most complicated event you will ever plan. Even a small, casual wedding has a lot of moving parts.

You may have training and experience in your chosen profession and even your hobbies, but event planning is probably new to you – don’t go into this process with the expectation that you should just “know” how to do it.

Understanding what’s at the root of your stress as you plan your own wedding — and how to diffuse it — is one of the biggest secrets to planning a successful wedding.