Wedding Planning – Tips For Making A Wedding Plan

Wedding planning becomes fun when you have a lot of talent, time, and enough budgets for that. A wedding planner can bring out all the exiting and innovative ideas and hidden frustration by planning a fun wedding. Many people prefer to hand over the responsibility of wedding planning to professional event planners as they want their special day to be memorable for everyone. Everyone wants to have a perfect wedding plan for them. Here are some tips for wedding planning so you can arrange the event of your wedding in a nice manner.

Budget; it is one of the most important things for wedding planning. At times you have plenty of ideas in your mind but can not fulfill just because of the tight budget so it is better to plan the entire event according to the budget. Start saving for your wedding; make a separate account for your wedding budget so you can make all your dreams come true for the events. Explore on the internet about the market price of different things used in the wedding; compare prices and find good and responsible venders.

Time; you need to have enough time to plan your wedding in a perfect manner so try to plan for the wedding at least 12 months before; make sure to spread the word about your wedding so the guest would be able to plan for your wedding. Make sure your guests would be available on that date and time; if you plan much before the time you can change it to please your dear ones.

Theme: of course everyone wants to have a memorable wedding event and having an interesting theme is the best way to make it last in the memory of guests. So keep a special and different theme for your wedding. Many people go crazy while planning a theme but you must remember that wedding is an event where people of every age group come so keep a general theme in mind instead of planning a beach party or golf match.

Venue: venue should be decided as early and possible; if you have an outdoor event then make emergency arrangements for weather condition.

Invitation cards; get your invitation cards printed timely; send them to the invitees at least a week before and there are any guests expected from out of the town, send them at least 2 or 3 weeks before so they can get leave from their work. Get a few extra cards printed for emergency.

Vendors: search for good venders and ask other people about the venders who have already experienced them.

Check list: never forget to make a checklist for any event. List all the things and mark for example guests, invitation cards, d├ęcor, caterers, flowers, wedding cake, wedding dress and wedding ring, best man’s dress, master of the ceremony’s speech etc.

Keep these points in your mind to make your wedding planning perfect and flawless.

Wedding Planning on a Budget

Some great man had once said “5 star weddings don’t always guarantee a happy marriage”! Young brides to be – their heads filled with silly romantic ideas gleaned from romantic movies and novels – would do well to understand this really simple point! A budget wedding planning, especially in the times of recession, isn’t such a bad thing at all.

Just reason with yourself. Instead of squandering away all your hard earned money and that of your dad’s as well on a wedding reception that will last for only 4 hours and then become entombed within a photo album for the rest of your life, won’t it make more sense if you invest that money into future savings? After all, we are living in a troubled economy at present.

Let me now impart a few solid tips on event wedding planning on a budget or limited budget plan wedding.

Wedding Planning on a Budget tip # 1

Instead of hiring a stretch limo or a Cadillac or some other kind of luxury car, use your own car or borrow your friend or relative’s luxury car. This will save a lot of money.

Wedding Planning on a Budget tip # 2

Most women tend to go overboard while choosing a wedding reception card. While a wedding invitation ought to be beautiful, elegant and tasteful, it need not necessarily be astronomically priced! You can search in the internet for beautiful budget wedding cards and take print outs, only as many as you want!

Allot 1 card per family. If possible and if you have a creative bent of mind, you can make your cards yourself. No gesture can be more personal than this and these handmade cards would touch everybody’s heart.

Wedding Planning on a Budget tip # 3

Many families order 5 or 6 different types of meat preparations along with fish and prawn and 3/4 types of dessert items in the menu. They have Chinese, continental, Indian, Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisines. This ensures all round praise and heavy duty ostentation, but it also creates a lot of unnecessary wastage of food as no one can dig into so much food in 1 ceremony!

Always go for buffet spreads and serve chicken and pasta instead of more expensive fancy items as they cost negligible amounts. Sit down dinner is expensive. Buffet saves money. Instead of serving exotic wines and champagne and cocktails, you can serve beer or vodka purchased from wholesalers. Hors d’oeuvres, punch and cakes are good options as well, according to the advice of wedding planning consultants.

Budget wedding planning tip # 4

Instead of planning your wedding on a weekend or on Sunday, choose a weekday instead as it will reduce expenditure by $3 to $5 per guest during the dinner reception.

Otherwise, you can minimize expenditure by including home cooked food, but that will invite unnecessary toil. And invite only a few selected guests and screen the guest list several times. It is also a good idea to ditch the DJ and become frugal with flowers.

Wedding Planning Can Be a Drag

Planning for your wedding can become a drag. Its not that you’re not looking forward to the day you’ve dreamed about, thought about and planned for forever it seems.

But what you may be realizing is that its not all fun and games and that planning your wedding involves lots of hard work, energy, time and some of your heart and soul. It’s a job. You spend weeks or months planning with a million details that have to be taken care of to get to the big day. It can get tedious, frustrating and stressful and it’s easy to lose sight of the reward for all your hard work.

Recently I came to realize that planning a wedding reminds me a lot of a job I used to have. That job also involved months of planning, long hours, and every bit of energy I could muster.

In thinking about what it takes to plan a wedding I came to realize that planning a wedding is an awful lot like producing a movie.

I worked in the film business for a few years and in that time had the opportunity to work on several movies. It took dedication, attention to details, lots of my time and a little bit of my heart and soul to get to the finished product.

Wedding planning like making a movie involves some serious planning and the process of what you need to do to get to the big day is kind of similar.

With a movie you start with a script. With the script in hand you begin the process of figuring out how it’s all going to come together. You’ve got to hire the best cast and crew for the project; a director, producer, actors and a production crew. Then you’ve got to assign all the tasks that need to get done to make it to the big show-screening day. You need to get sets designed. Get your production schedule set up. In other words plan out whats going to happen and when. Find the right locations where you’ll shoot each scene. Plan transportation or how to get everyone to where they need to be.

While I may be over simplifying what it takes to make a move I’m just trying to show you how the planning process itself whether you’re producing a wedding or producing a movie is similar and can be just as overwhelming.

For example for your wedding you the bride are responsible for writing the script. You envision what’s going to happen, and when and who’s going to say what and when.

You have to decide on the actors who will play the supporting cast; bridesmaid, attendants, ushers. Then you need to hire a director or your wedding planner, you hire the crew: the caterers, the photographer, the musicians to play the score for your wedding and reception. You decide on the locations for your wedding and reception: a chapel, church, hotel or banquet hall. You have to create a production schedule or the timeline of events. You have to figure out what to rent for your sets: the chapel and reception hall.

So you see the process is very similar whether you’re planning for your wedding day or movie screening day. And the light al the end of the tunnel is that all the hard work and planning does finally lead to the reward for all your hard work: the screening day of your finished product.

Yes planning a wedding can be a drag at times but don’t let the hard work of planning your wedding get to you. Think of yourself as a big time producer and you’re planning for the screening of the “Big Day.”

Don’t let the “work” take the joy out of what you’re doing remember you’re creating the scenes for one of the big moments of your life. Keep that in mind when you’re feeling stressed and/or exhausted thinking about all “stuff” you have to do to get your wedding day together.

They’ll be moments during the planning process when you’ll feel that you’re ready to give up and when that happens try to remember one thing. Remember that you’re planning and creating your very own “movie” about one of the best moments of your life entitled “My Wedding Day.”

Best Wedding Planning Software Packages

Wedding is an event that requires adequate planning. If you’re thinking of locating quality wedding planner software packages that can help you organize you’re wedding well, you might need to consider these ones discussed below. They are regarded as the top best in the list of wedding planning software programs.

My Style Wedding

This is wonderful software for people who are just starting out in wedding planning. With this program, you can easily organize the wedding event taking into consideration most of the details you want to put in place. You can always use the wonderful features to get things done.

My Wedding Companion

This is unique software for wedding planning. It organizes all aspect of your wedding including, the preparation of invitations, tracking of gifts received, seating charts in the reception hall, and so on. You can also use the software to plan your honeymoon in a unique manner.

Wedding Magic

This is unique wedding planner software that can help you a lot. It helps in tracking guest, organizing the RSVPs, menu selections, gifts tracking and other wedding details. You can use the software to plan your expenses and other issues you need to address for the success of the wedding. It comes with a bridal registry screen which helps in tracking registry pieces of information. You can equally use the program to plan your honeymoon.

Advanced Wedding Organizer

This is a unique wedding planner organizer that comes with wonderful features. It’s designed basically to simplify your wedding plans. The software helps in tracking information about your guest list, gifts received, invitations, reception menu, wedding day agenda, seating arrangement in the reception hall and so on. The software also helps you to plan your budget for the wedding in such a way that will make everything run smooth.

Choosing the Ideal Software

Indeed, there are many other professional wedding planning software packages such as organized wedding, Wedding Planner, Home Management Suite and some others. While some of these programs are available for download free of charge, others are for sale. In most cases, it’s always better to go for the paid versions if you really want to enjoy your wedding planning session. Most paid software come with better features that can make the wedding planning very smooth.

If you really want to get things done easily, it’s better for you to go for the paid software packaged. Their prices are usually very affordable. You have everything to gain when you use such software packages. Some of the sites also allow you to use the free trial versions before you now decide to buy or not. This helps you a lot in making the right choice.