Wedding Planning On A Small Budget – Top 5 Tips For Saving Money

1. Plan and Organise!

The more effort and time you put into organizing your wedding, the more money you can save. It’s important that you set up a clear and detailed wedding plan so that you will know exactly what you need to buy before you start spending money. Use folders to organise your wedding, set up a separate folder for each segment and label them wedding ceremony, reception, decorations etc. Setting up a system like this, will help you to focus on planning one segment of your wedding at a time. Being well organised will reduce the chances of you overspending on things you don’t need.

2. Get The Timing Right

Timing can play an important role when you’re looking at saving money on your wedding. The time of year, the day of the week and the time of day you choose to hold your wedding can have a huge impact on your budget. The most expensive times to have a wedding are during the warmer months and around public holidays. Saturday is traditionally the most expensive day to hold a wedding and the afternoon to evening is the most expensive time of day. Planning a wedding outside these times will save you a lot of money off the total cost of your wedding.

3. Choose A Reception Venue Wisely

The wedding reception usually is the single biggest cost of any wedding. Take you time in searching for the best options for the type of reception you would like. Keep an open mind when it comes to the type of locations that are suitable according to the size of your budget. Make sure you carefully look at all reception packages and work out which ones offer the best value for your money. Make sure you find out up front, if there are any hidden costs that may affect your budget. Things like handling charges for the wedding cake; penalty costs if the reception goes overtime; damages charges if things are broken etc.

4. Negotiate Prices With Suppliers

It’s very important that you work on getting the best value for your money, especially when your wedding planning on a small budget. Don’t be afraid to negotiate a discount on all areas of your wedding, whether it be the reception venue, the bridal outfits, the wedding cake, the flowers etc.

If family or friends offer to help with your wedding, don’t be shy to take up their offer. People love getting involved in planning a wedding and are only too glad to help out. You could save a lot of money if they offer to help with aspects of the wedding, such as take the photos or video, make the wedding cake, sew the wedding outfits, do the flowers etc.

5. Set Your Priorities

Every wedding is different and yours will be too depending on how much time and effort you’re willing to invest in planning your wedding. It’s important to point out that regardless of the cost or the number of guests you invite, it’s very possible that you will be able to organise a wedding with everything you ever dreamed of and still stay in your budget. It all depends on how you set your priorities. You need to decide on what aspects of your wedding are the most important and exclude those things that aren’t. For example, you might decide that the ceremony is the most important aspect of your wedding. You could then put more time and money on creating a truly beautiful ceremony and then cut back on the reception budget by having something casual.

Wedding Planning – 7 Must Know Tips

The perfect wedding exists in the minds and hearts of the bride and groom. Planning a wedding, requires the bride and groom to communicate their love, their expectations and the customs they want to embrace as a part of their wedding perfection.

1. Planning Early

Choosing to do things last minute is disastrous, and with a wedding, even two months before the wedding is last minute. Make sure you have at least 6 months before your wedding date, which will give you ample time to get everything you need for your big day.

2. Putting Your Guest List First

Your guests determine your budget, location, food and drinks, transportation, and many other aspects of your wedding. You must therefore decide on the guests and then work your budget around the number.

3. Having An Realistic Budget

This can go both ways, where you have too little for all your big ideas, or too much for your own use. In these cases, you will still need to save any extra money that you remain with after the wedding to begin your marriage in good financial health. Do remove any unnecessary things from your budget early enough before implementing it.

4. Choose Not To Be A “Bride-Zilla”

Turning into “Bride-zilla” when planning your wedding can be a nightmare, and there should be room for “Groom-zilla” as well. These terms refer to worrying too much about little details about the wedding and annoying everyone in the process. It can happen both to the bride and groom when each want perfection that probably will not be remembered a few months after the wedding day. You can avoid falling into this trap by keeping in mind that what you want to remember most is not the truffles or the matchbooks but the joy of your family and friends. So relax a little and let everything take their course of action.

5. Be Flexible In The Wedding Plans

Your wedding plans should accommodate any changes that come along the way. You will have several months before your big day, and anything could happen in between to change your original ideas and budget. Go with the flow and leave room for adjustments, especially in your wedding budget.

6. Get A Wedding Planner Guide

If you have a very busy job or a very short time in which to planning a simple wedding, or if you are getting married out of town, you may want to consider hiring a professional wedding consultant. They can help alleviate the headaches of making lots of phone calls and take care of other details you do not have time for.

7. Ordering A Suitable Size Wedding Gown

You may want to fit into that perfect wedding day, or you may want to use your wedding day as a motivation for losing weight. Understand that you will be so busy with the wedding plans to do any exercise or to keep to your diet. Choose a wedding gown that fits you as you are, and try not to worry so much about your weight.

These 7 wedding planning tips are totally worthwhile if you put your effort in, learn to be flexible and keep your sense of humour throughout the wedding planning process.

Wedding Planning Websites For All Brides

So now, you’ve said YES to the all important question your man has been wanting to ask. Now what? Now comes the hard albeit fun part of planning for your wedding. So where do you run to? Why the internet of course!

Cyberspace is a global village full of wonderful wedding planning websites that can help you set up for your most important day. In these websites you can download various checklists you will need for your wedding day. Wedding checklists have been indispensable to the modern day bride. They are the equivalent of live wedding planers but unlike planners that go home at the end of the day, you can carry these with you and refer to your plans, needs, to-do-list anytime, anywhere.

Wedding planning websites are also a good source of inspiration and ideas. Some websites will have free newsletters which can be very helpful not only to the bride-to-be but to the groom as well. You can check out wedding themes, invitation inspiration, color schemes, proper wedding etiquette, potential honeymoon destinations, the tune of your first dance and many more wedding related paraphernalia.

These websites are also good for research. Every bride knows how important budget is when it comes to weddings. It is easy to go overboard during weddings. And while we don’t want to scrimp during this important day, going into debt is also a very bad way of starting off your married life. In wedding planning websites, you can get an idea of how expensive or affordable your wedding will be. Most sites will feature products and services and some of them might even be willing to give you a free quote. This will give you an idea of where you will be financially for your wedding plans.

However, the most important reason why future brides should scour the web for wedding planning websites is for organization. Weddings are intimate affairs that involve planning skills. The wedding goes beyond the bride and the groom. There will be parents and siblings to think about, venues to book, wedding gown designs that need to be considered and many more. Think about it, some relatives that might want to attend may live off state or even abroad. Wedding websites gives you the idea of the logistics, planning and needs that will have to be addressed in order for your perfect day to be wonderful. These websites will also save you time and gas money from going store to store in search of that perfect purse or wedding veil. Try shopping when everything is at the tip of your fingers!

Speaking of organization, wedding planning websites can take off the stress of organizing a wedding no matter how short a notice it is. All you need is some research and you will have everything you need in your computer or via a print out. No relative or friend will be forgotten. Wedding gown fittings, honeymoon bookings, the perfect wedding band and even your favorite song can be found in the internet.

A stress free wedding is every bride’s dream. Planning ahead can give you the edge you need in order to walk down the aisle without any worries. So fire up your computer and search for wedding planning websites and have fun dreaming up your special day!

Reasons Why Wedding Planning Checklists Are Necessary

It is extremely difficult to have a wedding where there are no last-minute rushes. Planning your wedding is no easy task. A lot of research is needed on the venue, date, wedding theme, costumes, wedding styles and other aspects. However, organizing your wedding planning is one way to avoid confusions and to have everything in place. This can be done by having a wedding planning checklist.

Though some couples feel that a checklist is not needed as they have covered all the aspects, there is bound to be a few vital things missing at the last moment. In order to avoid that, and to have a well-organized wedding, a checklist is required. A checklist will guarantee that no items are missing. Everything that is needed is available at the right time to the right people. A wedding checklist will ensure that each of your tasks is done properly and on time. It will also let you know what tasks are completed and what are still to be done. This will enable you to plan your time and work accordingly.

A checklist is needed even when throwing a small party. Your wedding party is probably the biggest party you will throw. Thus, having a checklist is mandatory. The reason you should have a checklist is simple, so that you know what you are doing! You need to decide on the theme for wedding, wedding style, dress, flowers, decoration, cake and so many other things. You cannot keep a mental track of everything. Your checklist will take care of every small thing that you need. It will ensure that nothing is forgotten accidentally.

A wedding checklist is very crucial as it will ensure that you are organized. For example, on your checklist you have mentioned the time and date of your appointment with the dress designer. If not in the checklist, you might otherwise forget it and then it could be difficult to get a second appointment. Also, when you mention your entire budget for the wedding in the checklist, you can keep a tab of your expenses to ensure you don’t cross the limits. In your checklist for guests, you can keep a tab of whom to invite, how many already contacted, etc. Thus, a checklist is the essence of your entire wedding planning.

With the checklist, you will be able to track everything. You can have a master checklist containing the highlights of all the task and then individual checklist for each task. The various kinds of checklists you can have are a guest checklist, a wedding attire checklist, ceremony checklist, reception checklist, transportation checklist and miscellaneous checklist where all other small tasks must go. It is not difficult to make a checklist. Nowadays, wedding checklists are available on wedding sites on the internet. You can take a printout or work on the online organizer.

Remember, it’s your wedding and it must be as perfect as it can be. Therefore don’t miss on anything. Plan every moment with the help of a checklist and it is sure to make your wedding memorable for you.