Wedding Planning on a Budget

Some great man had once said “5 star weddings don’t always guarantee a happy marriage”! Young brides to be – their heads filled with silly romantic ideas gleaned from romantic movies and novels – would do well to understand this really simple point! A budget wedding planning, especially in the times of recession, isn’t such a bad thing at all.

Just reason with yourself. Instead of squandering away all your hard earned money and that of your dad’s as well on a wedding reception that will last for only 4 hours and then become entombed within a photo album for the rest of your life, won’t it make more sense if you invest that money into future savings? After all, we are living in a troubled economy at present.

Let me now impart a few solid tips on event wedding planning on a budget or limited budget plan wedding.

Wedding Planning on a Budget tip # 1

Instead of hiring a stretch limo or a Cadillac or some other kind of luxury car, use your own car or borrow your friend or relative’s luxury car. This will save a lot of money.

Wedding Planning on a Budget tip # 2

Most women tend to go overboard while choosing a wedding reception card. While a wedding invitation ought to be beautiful, elegant and tasteful, it need not necessarily be astronomically priced! You can search in the internet for beautiful budget wedding cards and take print outs, only as many as you want!

Allot 1 card per family. If possible and if you have a creative bent of mind, you can make your cards yourself. No gesture can be more personal than this and these handmade cards would touch everybody’s heart.

Wedding Planning on a Budget tip # 3

Many families order 5 or 6 different types of meat preparations along with fish and prawn and 3/4 types of dessert items in the menu. They have Chinese, continental, Indian, Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisines. This ensures all round praise and heavy duty ostentation, but it also creates a lot of unnecessary wastage of food as no one can dig into so much food in 1 ceremony!

Always go for buffet spreads and serve chicken and pasta instead of more expensive fancy items as they cost negligible amounts. Sit down dinner is expensive. Buffet saves money. Instead of serving exotic wines and champagne and cocktails, you can serve beer or vodka purchased from wholesalers. Hors d’oeuvres, punch and cakes are good options as well, according to the advice of wedding planning consultants.

Budget wedding planning tip # 4

Instead of planning your wedding on a weekend or on Sunday, choose a weekday instead as it will reduce expenditure by $3 to $5 per guest during the dinner reception.

Otherwise, you can minimize expenditure by including home cooked food, but that will invite unnecessary toil. And invite only a few selected guests and screen the guest list several times. It is also a good idea to ditch the DJ and become frugal with flowers.